Hydrojelly Peel Off Mask
Hydrojelly Peel Off Mask
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Hydrojelly Peel Off Mask

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ANTIOXIDANT GOJI-all skin types, mature skin, sun damaged skin, dry skin, dull skin

-rich in antioxidants to help eliminate free radicals and damage to the skin

-promotes anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties due to its high concentration of Vitamin C

-promotes a translucent, lustrous and even-toned complexion

-helps facilitate skin repair by promoting dermis and epidermis regeneration

-improves skin vitality and energy

-increases collagen levels and boosts skin fullness


HYALURONIC ACID-all skin types, dehydrated skin, saggy skin, sensitive skin

-promotes superior moisture retention

-penetrates skin and delivers intense hydration

-restores and preserves moisture for glossy skin due moisturizing components

-boosts skin moisture and plumps the surrounding tissues

-improves moisture balance and maintains lipid balance by improving the skin's barrier function and thereby reducing evaporation

-promotes collagen synthesis to retain skin elasticity, firmness and pliability


CALENDULA FLORAL-dullness and uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles, redness and distressed skin eczema

-penetrates the skin's surface for visibly diminishes fine wrinkles

-revitalizes skin while delivering hydration throughout the day to improve texture and tone

-speeds cell turnover, produces collagen and unclogs pores

-leaves the skin looking healthy and more illuminated

-diminishes drabness, dryness and the appearance of fine lines


PURIFYING CHARCOAL-acne, blemishes, redness, scars, bumps, in-grown hairs, pores, blackheads, oiliness and sensitive skin

-flushes out environmental toxins, dirty and debris

-dissolves impurities that can clog pores and cause common skin concerns, including blemishes, redness, scars, razor bumps and more

-deep cleans and visibly reduces pores and clarifies complexion